Almond Milk Concentrate 200ml/7oz
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  • An advanced silky body treatment that blends both tradition & science.
  • Use of almond proteins to firm the epidermis.
  • Plus soft silicium to help support collagen synthesis.
  • Incredibly nourishes & smoothes skin.
  • Unveils firmer & better toned body contours.

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Smells great, feels great and really moisturisers my skin. When product arrived and I opened the box, the cream had oozed out of the top of the jar which I wasn't happy with but apart from that, love it.
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Amazing body moisturiser! I have used this product for four years and above, the smell is great too!!!
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I lovely this cream!!! It's very-very delicious smells! the smell of sweet and sophisticated! it is light and perfectly fit for the summer.
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One of best moisturiser from Loccitane. My skin is dry and itchy in winter. I do not have the issue after applying the moisturiser. Highly recommended.
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This is the best!!!! A really smooth and heavenly body cream. This is my favourite . I do like the almond milk veil too but this is an entirely different product. The scent is more subtle for a start. The jar is decorative and is glass instead of plastic and it is easier to control how much you use as you just dip your fingers into the jar. It is a beautiful product and if you like a moisturizer that is light and easily absorbed but not cheap and oily then you will be delighted with this. I am addicted to this product.
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A lovely everyday body moisturiser. I love the feel, the smell and my skin feels lovely.

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