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Shu Uemura
Eyelash Curler

  • Uniquely designed.
  • Curved at an angle that suits all eye shapes.
  • Silicone rubber pad releases right amount of pressure to curl lashes.
  • Combines with Basic Mascara lashes stay curled all day.
  • Awarded as one of Top 150 Best Beauty Products.
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More Information
06/25/2021 by Lyn L
The best eye lash curler as compared to many other brands. Effortlessly getting the job done and curls stayed for a longer period.
02/24/2021 by SD Cruz
Amazing!! Definitely lives up to the hype, the perfect fit for my eyes with a subtle curl, not aggressive - just right. So worth the investment
01/11/2021 by Bree-anna S
Best eyelash curler for straight stubborn eyelashes that wouldn’t curl in the past, now do!
09/09/2020 by Anonymous
I continue to use this brand for my eyelashes as it is simply the best one I have come across. I have tried other brands but they are just not as good. It doesn't break the eyelashes and curls them really well without too much pressure. It doesn't pinch the skin on the eyelid either. Highly recommend this product.
07/26/2020 by Tracy M
I have been using these eyelash curlers for at least 15 years and they are, without any doubt, the best curlers I've ever used. No pinching eyelids or pulling out precious lashes.
06/22/2018 by Anna M
Possibly the best eyelash curler I ever bought. It doesn't pull the eyelashes and curls them well.The curling process is pain free now!
03/13/2018 by Chris J
Love this eyelash curler. Very easy to use and as most of the reviews say does not pinch your eye lashes as others do.

I have long lashes and other curlers can just kink them and not curl them. Very happy
09/15/2017 by Lee C
This is a great eyelash curler. I have used many different brands but keep coming back to this one. It does a wonderful job of curling the lashes evenly and not breaking them. It does not pinch the skin on the eyelid, as some other brands do. It's easy to use and doesn't require a lot of pressure to work - some other brands require you to hold the lash curler in place for quite some time to get the desired results. I would definitely recommend this product and will keep using it.
04/30/2017 by Angie T
Delivers on its promise; really opens up the eye by curling up the lashes beautifully. Is a bit tricky to use but that's to be expected considering I used the same curler for over 15 years before this one. It can pinch the inner eye but I expect that will stop once I get the hang of operating it a bit more.
01/03/2017 by Melissa K
Best of the Best Eyelash Curlers!
I read all the reviews which said the Shu Uemura was the best eyelash Curler out there and I'm happy to say the reviews were right! I would definitely recommend!
11/07/2016 by Dianne S
Amazing eyelash curler! Watched some Youtube makeup artists use it & had to have it!

CosmeticsNow also packaged it really nicely and I received it in perfect condition.
09/28/2016 by Nikita A
Favourite eyelash curler ever. Doesnt pinch at all. Will definitely buy again.
09/23/2016 by Zanette N
I have been using this curler for two years now and there's none like it!! Even gifted them to my coworkers last Christmas =). It's nothing special in appearance, but don't let that fool you. What it lacks in style it makes up in quality and function. I lost it last month and had to revert back to another brand while I ordered a new one...this time I bought a backup ;-).
07/13/2016 by Jody M
Absolutely agree that this is the best quality (and value, considering the product) eyelash curler. Does not pinch, pull lashes out or create a harsh crimp. Comfortable to use for all eye shapes and equally easy to control and use on your fingers. I have used these curlers for over 15 years, so have limited experience to compare. I have only ever very occasionally borrowed friend's curlers to provide comparison, and these Shu Uemura curlers, in my opinion, do feel better quality and more comfortable. Considering their performance over 15 years, I do not expect them to break any time soon and Shu Uemura replacements for the silicone pad are easy to obtain and good value.
04/29/2016 by KL Clifford
Is definitely wider than cheap curlers so that the effect is more sweeping than tight and narrow....but it's the only one that I've experienced pinching. :( I'll still continue to use it though as I don't like the effect of cheaper curlers.
04/20/2016 by Jasmine C
This is the only eyelash curler that can grab hold of all my short stubby eyelashes without pinching me. specifically recommend for my fellow Asian girls :)
04/06/2016 by Krystyna S
I got this product because there are so many good reviews about it. Personally I don’t see that much difference between this eyelash curler and many of the cheaper brands. But hey, it was not that much difference in price so it was worth the try.
12/17/2015 by Xing Y
Recommended by many makeup artists and beauty bloggers. It is well made in Japan. Slightly pricy than other brands but worth every cents.
10/21/2015 by Leanne A
I received this eyelash curler 4 days after ordering it. Fantastic service and amazing product! I am obsessed with this eyelash curler. It completely curls my lashes and makes them super curled and fluttery - and my eyelashes are quite short and stumpy. Highly recommended!!
09/27/2015 by Ranjana C
I bought this curler 2 months and have not stopped using it. I am not one to wear much make up and this curler makes all the difference that I don't need eye make up. So glad I bought this.
09/17/2015 by Yvette W
I really like this eyelash curler! I bought it based on previous reviews and I wasn't disappointed. The actual curler itself is similar to lots of other curlers out there but the pads are much better quality and I haven't had any issues with pinching at all yet.
09/06/2015 by Kathie R
I bought this eyelash curler many years ago at Sephora. A few years ago, I tried to replace it and was told it was no longer available in the US. Not sure whether or not that was true, but at the time, I couldn't find it. I've tried several other brands, and was no longer certain this was as good as I remembered. However, when it arrived and I tried it, I was not disappointed. The curve is different and fits my eye shape, plus I have short, sparse lashes, and it somehow is able to grab them better. Still the best one I've ever used!
08/19/2015 by Yeomin Y
Great. Easy and curl stays longer than other eyelash curler. Only bad thing is i can't buy refill pad.
08/10/2015 by Jeannette R
Have used different eyelash curler, so far I find it easy to use, it doesn't pinch my skin.curl stays longer. I just wish ICAN just buy the pad refill and not the whole set. Anyway love the eyelash curler.
08/05/2015 by Sarina S
Best eyelash curler! I use it every day, even when I'm not wearing mascara because it curls my lashes really nicely.
07/12/2015 by Karen M
Best eyelash curler ever! No pinching and it gets to every lash. Sometimes I just curl my eyelashes without wearing mascara and it still works well, the curl holds for a very long time.
07/10/2015 by Ling L
Best curler I've used ever! I would give 10 out of 10 to this one!
07/08/2015 by Joyce W
Good curler. Doesn't pinch your eyelids and gives a good curl. Can get all your lashes at once if positioned correctly.
06/24/2015 by Rebecca B
I love this curler. It's affordable and does an amazing job. Highly recommend this product!!
06/19/2015 by Younhee J
This is my favourite!! I'm using it everyday. This is the best curler.
04/17/2015 by Vonnie B
Heard a lot of great things about this eyelash curler so I thought I would purchase it since reviews were great and I love it so much!! My eyelashes curl like false lashes it's amazing. Will recommend this eyelash curler. Best make up tool I ever purchased.
03/27/2015 by Jane V
Superb eyelash curler! Until now I've never had an eyelash curler that has kept my lashes curled for more than a couple of hours. This curler keeps my lashes curled all day which is pretty miraculous. Also, unlike other curlers it doesn't nip your eyelids which is a great bonus.
03/26/2015 by RM Janice
Lucky I found this curler. Really saved the day. My lashes are so short that other curler would just pinch them easily. I always keep it handy, in my make up bag. Great one!
03/19/2015 by Tanja V
It looks like the cheap versions, but it doesn't pinch the eye as much and the result is amazing. The difference is in the result!
03/12/2015 by Stefani B
Just got this is the mail. This is a great curler compared to all the cheapos you get, I think its definitely worth it.
01/13/2015 by Fei F
For the price I think this is a good eyelash curler. Not a huge difference to my other eyelash curlers but it works good enough. I bought it due to all the hype but don't think it's amazing, just gets the job done!
01/05/2015 by Stacey K
Bought the curler cause of all the hype on youtube and great offer from cosmeticsnow.co.nz. However, after using them for a couple of weeks I don't see why this curler is so popular. I don't see much difference with the other cheaper curlers. Well, maybe I'm not using it right or smth else...
12/08/2014 by Doreen H
Excellent tool, much better results than with any other I have used. Would highly recommend.
12/05/2014 by Charlotte T
Great tool! No pinching! I've even used it with my eyelash extensions :) far superior to the cheapys. Great in summer for stand out eyes without heavy makeup.
12/01/2014 by Alex D
I'm throwing out my old $8 curler in favour of this one for sure; it's noticeably easier to use. It's a "cult favourite" that is normally about double CN's price in Australia.
I just took a star off because I don't like that Shu doesn't sell spare pads.
11/25/2014 by Ada L
Well I purchased this because I've read so many good reviews on this so I decided to give it a go. Besides loving the brand, it curls beautifully, would recommend.
11/15/2014 by Daphne Y
Best curler I have used. It doesn't crimp or pinch the skin and the curl holds for such a long time. Highly recommend.
10/14/2014 by Jiameng Y
This is my everyday eyelash curler. It gives the most natural and perfect curl for some reason no other curler can give. I guess it depending on everyone's eye shape.
10/03/2014 by Eunice W
Pretty good! I personally don't see much difference to other curlers but it's not too expensive and easy to come by, so why not? It doesn't cause me any issues so I continue to repurchase :) Having to buy a whole new curler after the refills have run out drives me crazy though, I wish they'd sell the pads separately. I've bought Shiseido pads on eBay in the past and they work well, although they're slightly less firm.
09/24/2014 by Sharyn F
LOVE THIS CURLER!! I have used two brands previously that were ok, but as soon as i used the Shu Uemura curler i could instantly tell the quality and my eyelashes look longer!!
09/17/2014 by Shawnee J
Great eyelash curler, premium quality, used by all the top makeup artists. Comes with an extra rubber insert when the first one wears down, but I've been using it for 1+ years and haven not had to change. It is really a great investment and will last you for years to come.
08/16/2014 by Eunice W
I don't see too much a difference with this one from other curlers I've used. The pad is good but it wears out just as quickly as the others, and it annoys me how you can't buy replacement pads but have to get a whole new curler!
08/06/2014 by Karen T
Love this eyelash curler, have used many over the years and so far this one is trumping them all. Thanks Cosmetics Now to the quick delivery of my order.
06/20/2014 by Kay R
Found this curler to perform no better than much cheaper versions.
05/19/2014 by Mary F
THE iconic eyelash curler! Non-pinching, works with my straight lashes. This is the only curler you will ever need (except to replace an old one). Don't waste your money on other brands.
05/01/2014 by Jinghua L
Has been used Shu Uemura curler for years. I have very straight eyelashes. So have to use curler everyday. This one is really good and lasts very long. I had my old one for many years. Finally I had to change it. The new one is beautiful. They always give an extra pad, which is really nice. Makes the curler last longer. Love it. Highly recommended.
04/17/2014 by Shahenda H
Shu-uemura Eyelash Curler is an amazing curler I love it. It works perfect for me it's so nice my lashes stays curled to the next morning its so nice the curl last long I love this curler.
04/11/2014 by Thao D
Was researching on eyelash curlers and came across a lot of positive reviews (in forums and youtube) about the Shu Uemura brand. It may cost slightly more than some of the other brands out there but it's still reasonably priced for the quality and results it produces. Very easy to use and well worth the investment.
04/10/2014 by Julie C
Love these! First time I used them I was waiting for them to pinch my eyes, but no nothing just lovely curled lashes. I can now see what all the hype is about. They really are beautiful.
04/08/2014 by Mica F
Best eyelash curler ever!! I have very short and not so curly eyelashes and nothing has ever worked for me to make them look longer with a great curve; so I was scared to buy this even after all the great reviews I've seen on them. I'm so happy I just went for it because they have changed my life!!! Great price from Cosmeticsnow and really quick delivery!! I'm a very happy customer and will be shopping on here again! Thank you!!
04/05/2014 by Sana B
Bought this curler as one of the famous make up artists always uses it and it didn't disappoint. Fantastic product.
03/28/2014 by Sabina P
Excellent eyelash curler. Doesn't pinch at all. Very easy to use and fits all eye shapes.
03/17/2014 by Marlie C
I love these eyelash curlers! I was using a cheap pair, but kept finding that they pinched my eyes and my lashes wouldn't hold a curl. I bought these after reading rave reviews and I'm glad I did, they make my completely flat lashes look curled and longer, my eyelashes stay curled all day and they don't pinch!
03/12/2014 by Suzanne B
I can now see why everyone raves about these curlers. They are quite simply the best I've ever used. If you're searching for the perfect pair of eyelash curlers, your search is over if you buy Shu Uemura's - they are fabulous! They don't pinch your eyelid, are super easy to use, fit my eye perfectly, very well made, and produce a lovely curl (and I have super fair and sparse lashes & couldn't believe the curl I achieved). I won't use any other brand after trying these!
02/17/2014 by Anne N
This has got to be my favourite curler! I've used many and none of them have kept my short asian lashes quite like this one. I've now bought them for my closes friends.
12/17/2013 by Lisa S
Love these eye lash curlers.... I have long but stubborn eyelashes that don't curl easily. These are the only curlers that actually work for me and allows my eyelashes to stay curled. I would definitely repurchase.
12/07/2013 by Jessica N
Best eyelash curler on the market! Used by all the professionals, including Charlotte Tilbury.
11/19/2013 by Happy V
This is amazing,I love it! This would have to be the best eye lash curler I have ever used.
10/07/2013 by Danni B
All the positive reviews about this curler are truthful. I have owned a few curlers in my time, this one is the best because it doesn't pull my eyelashes off nor does it slide off. Won't ever use anything else.
09/11/2013 by Anna V
Best at its job! Even better than the shiseido one in my opinion. My lashes are more curly and stays lifted the entire day. Totally worth the price.
07/07/2013 by Danni B
Love it! After reading review online I wanted to give it a go. I am glad I bought it. It's amazing!
06/26/2013 by Mary L
Easily the best eyelash curler ever. I have sparse Asian eyelashes and this curler makes my lashes look long and curly.
04/19/2013 by Ronnie P
This is the best lash curler bar none. It does not pinch your eye lashes and is very well made, I can't say enough. Every women's essential tool!

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Product Information

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is a high-performance eyelash curler that adds curls to nice, rounded lashes.

It is uniquely designed for any eye shape, fitting precisely and allowing you to define your lashes, without pinching your skin.

The design of the eyelash curler is small, portable, and is ideal for those with the shortest of lashes. It’s conveniently made with a silicone rubber pad releasing the right amount of pressure to produce the best lashes.

It's been named one of of the top 150 best beauty products in the world, and it goes well with Basic Mascara lashes to keep them curled all day.

How to Use

Start off by opening the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and place it near the roots of your lashes.

Next, gently squeeze the curler on your eyelashes and hold it steady in place for a number of seconds for the best results.

Repeat this step in an upward & outward direction to achieve your desired curl.

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