Smooth Indulgence Redness Concealer (Long lasting, Matte Finish) 10ml/0.33oz
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  • A long-lasting green tinted concealer.
  • Helps instantly cover red acne blemishes scars & reddish skin tones.
  • Also effective on rosacea & port wine stains.
  • Gives a matte flawless finish.
  • Dermatologist-tested allergy-tested fragrance-free.

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As a redhead with ruddy skin, I finally found a product the reduces the redness to a lovely porcelain. You don't need much, but applied under foundation, this product smooths out colour perfectly. Excellent coverage and does exactly as advertised.
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This is an excellent product, smooth to apply, colour correcting and easily used under foundation to provide even looking skin. My mum was so impressed with it that she "borrowed" mine so I've now ordered a second one!
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After blended the green-tint concealer will become white. It does reduce the redness of skin. Very long-lasting and blendable.

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