Leg & Body Cover SPF 15 (Full Coverage & Long Wearability) - Golden 100ml/3.4oz
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  • A full coverage foundation.
  • Helps conceal flaws including tattoos bruises burns scars stretch marks spider veins & varicose veins.
  • With a lightweight formula that easily glides on larger skin surfaces.
  • Provides SPF 15 sunscreen protection.
  • Provides 16 hours of long-lasting color wear.
  • Water-resistant & smudge-resistant when used with Setting Powder.

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Natural: Very nice product, does what it saids, I will definitely buy it again.
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Caramel: This product is fantastic!.I have extensive scarring on my chest, arms, and legs, from eczema. I feel human again! It covers beautifully, hides everything and stays on far longer than the 16 hours. I couldn't be happier! I only wish I had tried this years ago! Now I can wear bare legs, shorter skirts, and short sleeve tops! Thank you so much! Fernandes has made a huge difference to my life and I will forever be a customer!

Caren Stevenson, Sunshine Coast
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Tawny: This product is great. Smooth cover up for neck and chest area an either blends in with my face foundation or if I want to I put it on as foundation. Does a great job with the face as well. Thanks Dermablend, I find all your products live up to your claims.

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