Christian Dior
Eyeliner Waterproof - # 094 Trinidad Black 1.2g/0.04oz
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  • A new waterproof eyeliner pencil for long wearing.
  • Unique formula gives non-stop intense color.
  • Easily define your eyes with just a stroke.
  • The beveled foam tip helps bend & soften the liner.
  • User friendly with blending tip & sharpener.
  • A must-have item for creating a glamorous look.

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I love the Christian Dior eye shadows and thought I would give this a try. The eyeliner applies easily and looks great. Comes off easily as well.
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This is a very good eyeliner and the foam blending tip is excellent! It's quiet waxy though which can make it slightly more difficult for me to apply as i don't have very smooth even lids. I use this for nights out when I want a more intense smokey eye as I then apply it more liberally and smudge. It's not so good if you just want to create a smooth line for a day look I feel.
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I am a contact lens wearer and this CD eyeliner is 10 out of 10! Who would have thought that you can go swimming, be outdoors in the heat all day, exercise AND shower AND your CD Eyeliner STAYS WHERE YOU PUT IT!!! It IS waterproof, literally. I have NEVER come across such a perfect eyeliner, you can create the exact look you want, it is forgiveable when applying, and you can alter the look right up until it "sets" - and even though it is on the delicate eye area, you can't even tell you have it on - that is until the compliments from your friends start. My friends now have Cosmetics Now website details and are promising to buy some for themselves.... You will NEVER find a better eyeliner, the other makeup manufacturers should give up now!
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This is the best waterproof eyeliner there is! I also love that after applying it you can smudge it with the foam tip to look very natural and it stays all day. Great product.
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#594 Intense Brown: So pleased to have found this excellent eyeliner pencil. The crayon is soft and so easy to apply and the foam tip for smudging is a bonus for a natural look. And, it really does stay on even through the 'sad movie' tears! Highly recommended - love it!
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#254 Captivating Blue: I always buy this product firstly because I love the colour, it brings out more colour in hazel eyes and second because it is a fantastic long wearing eyes liner. Convient sharpener as well.
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#594 Intense Brown: I love this pencil it does what is says has fantastic staying powder and stays on till u take it off definitely repurchase this pencil again. Thankyou.

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