Christian Dior
DiorShow Iconic High Definition Lash Curler Mascara - #090 Black 10ml/0.33oz
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  • An innovative mascara that contains a unique lifting formula.
  • Shapes stretches & curves lashes with strong hold & high definition.
  • Comes with an advanced oblique brush.
  • Features slanted bristles to coat each single lash.
  • Gives a spectacular lash curling effect.
  • Intensifies curves & enhances spread in one quick stroke.

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Cosmetcis now are an excellent service. Very efficient and goods received in a timely manner.
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I think this mascara is a very good product, I find you do need to apply two coats, but you can see the length it has added and I find it doesn't smudge or run. I work out during the day and I find it does not give me the "panda eye" look. I would definitely recommend this product and certainly purchase again. It has lasting power.
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#268 Navy Blue: great product, very hard to get navy or navy blue mascara so happy i can get this regularly from here
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#268 Navy Blue: recommend this - its difficult to find navy or blue mascara now so i was extremely happy when I found this!
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#268 Navy Blue: This is my favourite mascara, I love the colour mostly and it improves the length of my lashes. I buy this product over and over. Very happy!
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#268 Navy Blue: Excellent product (Navy Blue) with a great colour shade. Allows for definition without being "cluggy". There are few quality colour mascaras available and this is a stand out. I was a regular user of YSL blue mascara which has been discontinued. I can not say that I am unhappy now that I have found this one. Well worth every cent.
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#268 Navy Blue: I opened this mascara and my first thought was that is not Navy Blue .... I expect Navy Blue to be like a blue/black colour
I reluctantly applied the mascara and was pleasantly surprised that the colour almost looked like blue/black (I do have naturally dark lashes)
And the mascara does not smudge at all
This is the very first mascara I have used that stays put and I have tried a few
Very happy with my purchase and as usual Cosmetics Now delivers on time and packaged safely genuine brand products
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#268 Navy Blue: very happy with this product--- lengthens my lashes & I like the blue it is very hard to find a good blue
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#268 Navy Blue: This mascara gives very natural-looking lash - never clumps. But it's so light that I have to put on several coats before I can tell that I'm even wearing anything. It gives length, but not much volume. I got it in navy blue, but the colour was barely noticeable. Very high quality product, but for me personally it wasn't really worth the money.

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