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Diorshow Black Out Mascara - # 099 Kohl Black 10ml/0.33oz
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  • A new invention in an elegant modern packaging.
  • Exceptionally thickens lashes in a soft cream mascara.
  • Contains Black Fix Complex a unique blend of black pigments.
  • Wraps lashes in highly visible intense black kohl.
  • Derivative Arabic gum is added to give infinitely resistance.
  • Leaves a perfect charcoal-like finish for lashes.

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Unfortunately I wasn't too impressed with this mascara. It does add length to the eyelashes but it also clumps them together. You have to be careful as a lot will come out on the brush and you need to spend time wiping all the excess away. I was hoping for a mascara that would make my eyelashes look thicker but this one didn't do the trick. It also is a pain to take off due to it's extreme dark look. It will smudge a lot when you try to take it off. It actually smudges easily full stop. I have heard that it gets better after the first few uses so I will continue using it in hope that it does get better.
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Fabulous night time mascara. Adds intense volume to my long but thin lashes. Great lash separation as well.
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Fantastic mascara, my go to staple. Only tip is to not use it on your bottom lashes as it takes a while to dry and if yours are as long as mine you end up with black marks under your eyes - make sure it's completely dry before you leave the house.

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