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Almond Cleansing & Soothing Shower Oil 500ml/16.7oz
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  • Produces lavish softening foam - unique in texture.
  • Rich in almond oil & nourishing lipids.
  • Cleanses gently to instill delicate perfume.
  • Leaves skin clean fresh & silky smooth.
  • An extra-pampering alternative to soaps.
  • Suitable for men and women.

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This is the best shower gel ever! It leaves your skin so silky you won't need to use a moisturiser after your shower. The smell is gorgeous. Your skin will feel like a baby skin, so soft and supple - Highly recommended.
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This oil is heaven in a bottle. Lovely silky skin and smells wonderful. My absolute favourite from L’Occitane
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I love the nice soft foam and almond smell. Very economical: just a drop of oil makes lots of foam. My skin is very dry and this shower oil keeps it nicely moisturised.
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250ml/8.4oz: Very prestigious and I love how my skin feels. Very moisturising and nurturing. Love the texture, the consistency. In love with the scent. This is bath products at it's very best.
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250ml/8.4oz: I love this product, love the smell, very moisturising and a little goes a long way. My partner uses this to shave leaving his face super soft and smelling amazing and I occasionally add a little to a bath- very luxurious! So many uses! Love it!
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250ml/8.4oz: You need very little of the product to have a lovely lather on the loofah. Smells great and leaves skin feeling clean and silky.
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250ml/8.4oz: What is not to like - lovely smell, very hydrating, and it truly feels like a bit of luxury. A great way to start the day or wind down in the bath.
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250ml/8.4oz: I've been using this product for several years now. Especially excellent when shaving your legs as it leaves your skin soft, hydrated, and no more razor nicks and cuts. One of the very best L'Occitane products and my secret weapon for beautiful legs!
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250ml/8.4oz: A fantastic product. I've used many different shower products and this is by far the best, it smells delicious, a small amount goes a long way, leaves the skin very soft and even my Husband is using it and that's saying something! Expensive but worth it!!
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250ml/8.4oz: What everyone else has said is really true. If you like the smell of almond milk, this product is a must in your shower, especially for anyone with dry skin. Silky smooth but doesn't leave your skin oily. Another quality product from L'Occitane.
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250ml/8.4oz: It doesn't dry out your skin like other foamy type of body wash do. However, it does leave a oily residue and i am not a fan of the smell either.
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250ml/8.4oz: I just love this shower oil. It leaves my skin so smooth and has a lovely subtle fragrance. Only a very small amount is needed each time so it lasts and lasts. Will definetly continue to buy this product.
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250ml/8.4oz: The smell is AMAZING! I've never tried a shower oil before but I can see why this product is so popular. The smell lasts all day on me and my skin feels so soft after using it. While the price point is a little high, you dont need a lot of this product. Very nice.
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250ml/8.4oz: Everyone deserves such luxury an amazing product to treat yourself with, L'Occitane products are addictive so be warned.
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250ml/8.4oz: I love all of L'Ochitane luxury organic products, this almond oil leaves the skin silky smooth and you don't need any additional lotion, it just lasts forever! It pays its price for sure.
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250ml/8.4oz: This almond oil shower oil is gorgeous to use - the oil is very rich but lathers to form a light and sweet smelling foam which is divine to use. It is pricey for a shower oil but a little goes a long way so the bottle will last a long time. It is moisturising on the skin and imparts a subtle but lovely fragrance on the skin.
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250ml/8.4oz: I have gifted this to my wife.It smells really good at the time of application,but the smell doesn't remain for that long.It does feel soft on skin though.Slightly over priced product but.

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