Christian Dior
Diorskin Eclat Satin - # 202 Cameo 30ml/1oz
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  • A newly moisture release satin makeup.
  • Let alone your skin breathe freely.
  • Covers up minor imperfections while moisturizing.
  • Offers full coverage to your skin visibly.
  • Creates a luminous & natural-looking appearance.
  • Suitable for normal to dry skin.

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This is the best foundation, light on your skin but giving a thorough coverage. I wouldnt use any other product and order this over and over again. Thanks for the great service and low prices Cosmetics Now!
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If you are looking for a foundation that 'lifts' and highlights your complexion, whilst providing soft, natural cover, this Dior foundation delivers. I'm a 61 year old woman and people constantly comment on my skin, WHEN I am wearing Dior's Eclat Satin. I often try this on one side of my face and a new product on the other and Dior wins hands down every time for natural coverage and for how it lifts my face.
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I have used Christian Dior Diorskin Eclat Satin for many more years than I care to count--well over 20. Since I need a cool color for my skin tone the cameo, 202, matches very well. My skin is dry and sensitive, and this foundation makes my face look and feel dewy-fresh with never any reaction to the ingredients. Elcat Satin nicely covers the rosacea on my cheeks. I always feel super and a little bit beautiful when wearing Diorskin Eclat Satin! Christian Dior will have a color to match any skin tone, so give it a try. Tres Bien! Merci Beaucoup!

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